The Dusty-Brush Story

We have been involved with the evolution of the idea for many years. We work with machines that create a lot of dust. Our toolboxes and general objects were always getting dirty, and could only be cleaned with a lot of effort. In the search for a solution for a way to speed up this annoying work, we came up with the idea of Dusty-Brush. As with an ant colony, it takes working together to get the job done well. We transferred the idea to Dusty-Brush. “Many manage more than one” , was followed by considerations and drawings.

The first prototypes were developed………

The results were surprisingly good. And suddenly we discovered the hidden potential in Dusty-Brush. We involved our neighbors, friends and relatives as testers, and received very positive feedback. Encouraged by the feedback, we then went on the search for a manufacturer. That the manufacturing process is not as easy as one would think, in looking back, we found this work to be very time consuming. We eventually had success and found an absolutely dependable and professional production location we could now use.​

We want to show Dusty-Brush to the world. Everyone can find a use for Dusty-Brush.The potential is almost infinitely large. With your support we can bring our project to life, and really make a difference in our cleaning efforts.

Become a part of Dusty-Brush and help us enable our vision of the future to become true.