Dusty-Brush - The new way to clean

Dusty-Brush is a universal vacuum cleaner attachment for the smallest areas, delicate objects and hard-to-reach areas.


Flexible like a brush

Clean like never before!

German Engineered

Sturdy yet flexible. you'll only own one your entire life.

The revolutionary Dusty Brush vacuum attachment

The Dusty Brush comes in two versions. One with the Dyson adapter (Fits V6 and all prior models) and one with a universal that fits 90% of all non Dyson vacuum cleaners that don't use a proprietary connector. Bend, flex and shape the Dusty Brush to fit in and around tight and narrow spaces for truly deep and effortless cleaning.

Best for Pets too

They love it. Not only does it suck up all of their loose hair before it floats around your home but cats and dogs also love it. They find it very soothing and fun to do. Your kids will enjoy cleaning them too.

Universal vacuum cleaner adapter

Our integrated adapter makes it possible to use on all the standard vacuum cleaner tubes.UNIVERSAL ADAPTER fits most vacuums that do not use a proprietary attachment connector. The adapter will fit all 30 mm to 40 mm (which is almost all) hoses. Make sure your hose has at least 4 inches available for the adapter to slide over.Dust blinds, clean and vacuum tight and narrow spaces. Great for detailing cars. Clean out jewelry storage, tool storage, coin holders and nuts and bolt trays. 

Product specifications

An up-close-and-personal look at Dyson V6 Adapter's finest features.

Dusty Brush with Universal Adapter
  • Fits all Dyson v6

  • Flexibility

  • All in one

  • High Quality

Various Uses of Dusty Brush


Don't just take our words for it...

Thank you received my brush today, sorry for not believing in you. Well worth the wait, and I appreciate how complicated things have been for you due to people stealing your design. Once again thank you.

Take your time make it happen, when you guys can send them out. It’s a start-up things happen, just follow through with your dream.

Hello team.
Thank you for this update.
You are going through hard times, you can be assured of my complete support as long as I get my contribution in the end.
Take your time, make it right.
So thank you for the idea to give us an extra noozle. As I supported for two, I’d be very pleased ro receive the one I didn’t order.
Hold on tight…